Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System

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  • Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System
Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System

Bodygym Body Gym Complete Core System

$43.99 $21.99 -50%

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  • Description:

    The Body Gym is a complete workout equipment that you can bring and use anywhere you go. It combines different exercises that can strengthen every muscle in your body. The Body Gym can help you look your best by using only a single resistance training equipment. It is easy to use and you can do all the exercises at home.

    You can do more than one hundred exercises without using any other fitness product. It combines different exercises so you can target the muscles in your upper and lower body. You can strengthen your whole body and improve your muscles without going to the gym. It is a resistance training system that helps you lose weight so you will look and feel better. You can use it at home or bring it with you when you go travelling. It is a strong and powerful equipment that offers you a complete workout. You can also combine it with other programs or adapt it to your favorite workout to make it even more effective. It challenges you more so you will lose the extra pounds faster.


    A Resistance Band

    Not only will this help you to build your muscles, but it will help to prevent injuries too. This is because the band will allow you to use the weight of your body against itself. Exercising in this way is safer and helps to prevent injuries that you may get if you lifted weights.

    Great If You’re On The Move

    A lot of exercise regimes require you to be in one place each time you work-out. Body Gym can be used just about anywhere which makes it ideal for those who travel frequently.

    Can Be Used At Home

    If you’re not one to exercise at the gym, then this product could be ideal. Easy to use in the comfort of your own home, you can shy away anyone else and work-out in peace.

    Saves You Money

    Gym memberships can be quite expensive, and so can travelling to the gym too. With Body Gym you can work out wherever your please, you can stay at home and exercise without having to pay out unnecessarily.

    Takes Just 8 Minutes

    Forget about those lengthy exercise routines, this one takes just 8 minutes. Body Gym is therefore ideal for anyone who is busy and doesn't always have the time to work-out.

    How It Works

    Body Gym can help you to get a complete body work-out each day in very little time. With 100 exercises that can be done using this product, your body will start to change. This is thanks to the resistance band that requires a lot of stretching each time you use it. As you pull on the band you work your muscles, without risk of injuring them.

    Tips and Tricks

    Get Into A Routine

    Start to use this product 4 to 5 times a week and get into a routine. Work-out for just 8 minutes a day and your body will start to expect it, which means you’re more likely to exercise.

    Don’t Push Yourself Every Day

    It’s important that you don’t push yourself too much every day as your body will need time to recover. If you can beat the number of reps you did last time, great, but try not to beat your best score every time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Quickly Does It Work?

    If you exercise 5 days a week you will start to see noticeable results after the first month. Until then your body will be working to build muscle, later the weight will start to drop off.