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Stretch And Fresh For Storing Food

Are you in the habit of wasting food because of the difficulties in storing the same? Storing foods and keeping them edible is a daunting task. You cannot always rely on foils and wrappers and cling films. Certain food materials cannot be wrapped inside these storing options.

Stretch and Fresh – An easy remedy

Stretch and Fresh is made of durable, stretchable silicone that can be stretched to any shape and according to your convenience. It is suitable for covering containers of any size and shape. The food stored with Stretch and Fresh never loses its flavor as it can be sealed tightly. However, make sure that you seal it properly. Then only the food will remain fresh. Stretch and Fresh is offered in three sizes. Stretch and fresh is affordable and you do no need to spend money on buying foils and wraps.

Stretch and Fresh makes you save your food for the next day. It ensures that the food prepared remains fresh and savory when sealed properly. You need to grip to the bowl or the container that you need to use on. Then press to get the tight seal to ensure the freshness of food. Storing foods with Stretch and Fresh is too easy. It can be stretched to any limit. Moreover, it can be used over and again.

Advantages of Stretch and Fresh Sealer

  • Stretch and Fresh can be used to cover containers of any size and shape.
  • It can be stretched to three times its original size.
  • Stretch and Fresh is microwave safe.
  • Stretch and Fresh is dishwasher safe as well.
  • The product can be reused again. It is suitable for family, single party size servings.
  • Stretch and Fresh is temperature safe. Hence, it can be used in freezer or oven.
  • Stretch and Fresh eliminates the need for using airtight containers.
  •  Foods stored in Stretch and Fresh can be easily transported as well.


  • It is available online only.
  •  The price is a bit high.


Stretch and Fresh is priced at $10. You could get two Stretch and Fresh packs for $10, with an additional payment of $15.98 for shipping and processing charges.

How to buy?

The product is available online. Click here to buy Stretch and Fresh. With Stretch and Fresh, you do not need to waste your food anymore! Order now!

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